Kitesurf Lessons


If you are planning to try flying a kite on your own for the first time, don’t! It is absolutely necessary to complete a course first so that you won’t put yourself and/or others at risk. Since kitesurfing is an extreme sport, the rule “safety first” applies more than ever! In just a few hours, you can learn how to kitesurf safely, easily and fast.

A few tips about kitesurfing:

Is it hard?

No, it isn’t as long as you are taught the right way and with proper guidance by your instructor.

What will I need for the lesson?

We’ll take care of that. You will have to bring sunscreen, a swimsuit and…your good vibes!

Where do lessons take place?

It depends on the direction of the wind. Usually in Loutsa, Schoinias or Oropos. However, we  may organize a kitetrip outside Athens at weekends if it’s not windy here.

What is included in the lessons?

In a nutshell, first some theory and flying a trainer kite (on land).

Second, you get in the water with the 4/5 line kite and practice (safety systems, launching and landing the kite). Then, body dragging follows, that is flying the kite in the water and going upwind and downwind but without using the board yet.


Test course: cost 90 euros duration 2.30 hours

What is included?

1) theory and flying the trainer kite

2) safety systems and setting up the gear

3) control the 4/5 line kite hooked into the harness

Complete pack: cost 300 euros- duration 6 hours

What is included?

1) the test course material (if it hasn’t been done)

2) controlling the kite

3) body dragging

4) beach start- water start

5) attempts to ride upwind controlling kite and board simultaneously

6) at this point lessons are adjusted to meet the needs of each individual

One hour lessons- adjusted to your needs and level

What is included?

1) 1 hour: cost 60 euros, advanced coaching is also included (tricks, jumps, transitions, unhooked riding)

2) 1 hour with rib boat support: cost 70 euros- it helps a lot when trying to learn how to ride  independently

All lessons are conducted privately (1:1 tuition)

*(30% discount for tandem coaching)
*(Prepayment for all courses)
*(Use of radio helmets enhances fast and safe learning)

Why learn with us?

1) we love what we do. Seeing people learn how to ride makes us happy!

2) we use the latest gear

3) we use a rib boat to support you when necessary

4) we use radio helmets (shouting and tension during the lesson is thus avoided)

5) we are everywhere! We go where the wind blows! Thus, we increase the chances of finding a windy spot

6) we don’t make groups. We focus on one person for faster learning and better safety

7) we are licensed lifeguards by the Greek Coast Guard (so you can enjoy the lesson with us without worrying, thankfully we haven’t had a single accident so far!)